Carl Adams has tried state and federal cases in Texas and other states in professional negligence, fraud, contract and other forms of tort and business litigation.  He handles appeals in state and federal cases, as well.

Gas Explosion:

A multimillion dollar jury verdict, including punitive damages, in state court in Denver, Colorado arising out of a propane gas explosion in Crested Butte, Colorado.  Adams was selected lead attorney for the trial of 6 weeks and with multiple victims and statewide coverage.

Fraud and Deceptive Trade:

A unanimous million dollar jury verdict, including punitive damages, for a small business client against its real estate agent for fraud and deceptive trade in a lease dispute.

Life Insurance:

A million dollar recovery for bad faith against a life insurance company for efforts to deny the family benefits of a life insurance policy.  This case was selected for national coverage by the American Trial Lawyers Association as its Spotlight feature in Law Reporter.

Legal Malpractice:

A million dollar settlement obtained for an oil and gas client against its prior attorneys for legal malpractice in a take-or-pay case.

Fiduciary Duty and Constructive Fraud:

A jury verdict for corporate stock of several million dollars in favor of a client against her ex-husband corporate founder.  The legal opinion of the Dallas Court of Appeals is a leading Texas case on fiduciary duty and constructive fraud.


Medical Malpractice:

A multimillion dollar settlement in favor of a brain damaged infant and his parents for negligent management of labor and delivery.


A medical malpractice jury verdict in favor of a patient against her plastic surgeon for negligent conduct and breach of trust for engaging in a sexual relationship.  This case was the subject of a national article in Trial, published by the ATLA (American Trial Lawyers Association).

Lost Records:

A million dollar settlement for the family of a man whose medical records were lost by the hospital after his death in day surgery.


Legal Malpractice:

A unanimous jury verdict for a client against its prior corporate law firm.  After the appellate court upheld the jury verdict, the parties settled the case for approximately $1.5 million.